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Built Up Roofing - What You Need To Know

What Is Built Up Roofing

A built-up roof is a terrific alternative to shingle roof. Nevertheless, the durability and insulation properties of a built-up roofing depend greatly on the kind of raw materials utilized. Therefore, it is important to carry out comprehensive research and ask your roofer about the raw materials before the building and construction starts.

Built-up roofing, likewise called BUR, is the most common roof product utilized on low-slope roofs. It is made up of rotating layers of enhancing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) and is finished with a leading layer of aggregate, such as stone or gravel. BUR is preferred for low-slope, or “flat,” roofs since it develops a constant sealed surface.

Built-up roof is nothing new. The principle has actually been around for over 100 years, although the product and its installation definitely have progressed during that time. Modern built-up products incorporate a stiff insulation layer for improved energy effectiveness.

The Drawbacks

The only obvious downside of a built-up roofing is that it is relatively more pricey than shingle roofing and requires more time and effort to build. Nevertheless, the advantages used by built-up roof are well worth the extra financial investment of money, effort, and time.

Water pooling is a little issue that can cause massive concerns down the line. Inspecting your BUR roofing after strong weather condition (to look for water pooling or other problems) is a terrific preventative step.

Gone unchecked, your business roofing can break or leak, which can encourage soft spots and other warping problems, like waving, undulations and blistering.